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As a child my favourite Saturday activity was rearranging the small bedroom I shared with my sister. I'd draw different layout options...dresser in the corner, bed under the window, then get my sister to help me push everything around. Even then I believed that our spaces had the power to shape us, our moods. Fast forward 20 years and that belief has only grown.


I believe in home, the power of home.  

Whatever your design style is, I want you to embrace it and create your querencia. The place that's your sanctuary and safe haven. The place that tells your story, comforts you, and brings you so much joy. 

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Room of the Month

This month we are excited to share all things, kitchen. Our kitchen is our favourite space in our home. It's where we come together to talk, cook, experiment, and laugh. It's the heart of our home and our favourite place to show off. If you have any kitchen source questions, we have a blog post with all of our sources coming soon. If you just can't wait send us a message and we'll try to get back to you.



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