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10 Home Exteriors I Love!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

As many of you followed along on Instagram, I was in Victoria, BC for the last week. I had so much fun experiencing fall again, being by the ocean, and of course, drooling over the adorable homes.

Although I would have loved a tour of each home I had to settle for walking the tree lined streets and admiring the old charm from afar, which wasn't so bad... Here are some of my favourite exteriors from the trip!

The warm terracotta colour with the white accents and the perfect landscaping was a dreamy combination!

I loved the rounded edges on the door way with the very on trend blue door.

It's the green stairs for me 💚

The house, adorable... but that mossy stone column is everything!

The most whimsical black and white home giving all of the Beetlejuice vibes in the best way! 🖤

A monotone green house with different materials plus window planters, it just worked!

This upper balcony overlooking the ocean was the absolute cutest!

Arches + columns + stripes = swoon

Vines climbing the house plus the most perfectly manicured shrub...1000% yes!

My absolute favourite was this charming white home with the showstopper brick chimney, roof swoop, and the perfectly placed piece of driftwood 😍

Now that you know my favourite, which do you like best, and why?



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