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A Year in Review

Wow! I can’t believe it’s somehow the end of did that happen? I know I am not alone in this weird time warp experience of living through a pandemic, but I’m still constantly confused about what year it is. Alas it’s 2021 (for a couple more days) and we want to recap what was a pretty big year over here at Miller Design Company.

In January we made some business changes as we sold our previous company and officially started Miller Design Company. To see this little corner of the internet that I had started so long ago turn into our company was so cool!

We continued the work on our new build home, trying to get into it as quickly as possible as we had sold our #littlehouseofbigdreams late last year. We really struggled living in our rental as I dealt with anxiety, health issues, and burnout.

In May after 7 months of working we were able to move into our #fornowhouse, it was such a dream! Although we had some issues with trades and plumbing leaks it felt like we had a home again.

Having finished our home we were looking for a new project so we bought our #firsflippinhouse to renovate. It was a late 1960’s home with a lot of potential. The flip side (no pun intended) is that potential is often code for it’ll take a lot of work. We’ve been busy working over there and are planning to get it on the market in February of 2022.

In the fall after owning it for 6+ years we decided that being landlords didn’t fit the life we wanted for ourselves right now so we sold our investment property. We went back and forth over the decision for months but once we realized we get to decide what a great life looks like for us it was an easy decision. We haven’t looked back since!

In December yet another big change happened for us as I left my job as a Mortgage Broker. I learnt so much during my time in the field however after refocussing on the idea that we get to choose our life, it was time to walk away.

We have some big plans for 2022 that I can’t wait to take you all along with, but for now we’re focusing on the now and being present in this moment. In this moment I’m so grateful for you all being here and supporting us on our journey.

Thanks for being here,



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