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Cabinet Stage

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Having the flooring installed was such a big step and made our house feel like a home! Now onto cabinets. Our new home has a completely different aesthetic than our #littlehouseofbigdreams and the biggest place you can see that is in the kitchen.

From day one we wanted our kitchen to be a statement, we went with green…yes GREEN kitchen cabinets. They effortlessly combine bold and neutral into what feels like a timeless space. We still wanted the kitchen to vibe with the simplicity of the rest of the house so we did no uppers on the stove wall and have glass cabinets on the fridge wall. We were hoping this would allow the green to feel bright and balanced rather than dark and overpowering.

Off of our kitchen under our late addition arch is our butler’s pantry. We like clean

countertops so we wanted a place for all of our kitchen appliances to be where they were

still accessible and practical but not taking up valuable countertop space. Choosing the cabinetry for the pantry was a challenge all on its own. Daniel and I always knew we were picky but the wood cabinet colour brought that to light even moreso. The initial wood tone options were either too dark (think espresso) or too purple. We ended up going to a flooring store to find a piece of wood we liked and brought that to our cabinet maker for him to match. The colour was closer but still had purple-red undertones so we changed

the species of wood from red oak to white oak. All of this and the collective effort from us and our cabinet maker gave us the warm wood honey tones we were after.

In both bathrooms I toyed with the idea of black or white cabinets to align with the colour palette but still provide their own fresh feel and I decided to keep it simple. We went with the same wood tone as the pantry in both the main bath and our ensuite. We liked the cohesiveness this brought and thought for future resale it would hold the widest mass appeal.

Seeing them in has me giddy! I LOVE how they look and can’t wait to see them all with the countertops which are set to come next week!

-The Miller's


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