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Countertop Stage

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Pairing with the green cabinets we wanted a simple countertop. We fell in love with one that had a brown veining and was beautiful but also unfortunately out of the budget. Had this been our forever house we would have splurged but because it’s a #fornowhouse we compromised and went with a simple white quartz with soft grey veining throughout. To add some visual appeal with the backsplash we had a piece of slab installed behind the range with a small shelf. This little detail again is simple but is such a charming detail.

Off the kitchen we have our butler’s pantry which I wanted to have its own moment. In my initial drawings I contemplated the idea of making the entire space green. Green cabinets, green walls, green shelves…however it felt too extreme for the subtlety of the home so I pivoted. I landed on the wood cabinets with a concrete-esque countertop. This ties in the earth tones that can be found in the kitchen but in a new and interesting way.

In the bathrooms we wanted them to feel bright and clean so the white quartz made another appearance there. I again opted to have the quartz continue onto the wall about 3 inches rather than doing a tile backsplash. I absolutely love what can be done with tile but for this home I wanted the showers to have the tile details and the vanity moments to be simple and classic.

Seeing the countertops with the cabinets is amazing! I love seeing my vision come to life and can’t wait to see the tiled showers come together!

-The Miller's


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