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DIY Spice Drawer for under $100

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

If you're like me then you LOVE home organization. Every time I see a perfectly labeled pantry on Pinterest or a drawer that has a place for everything I stop and stare...I have a problem 😂

When designing our #fornowhouse I told the cabinet maker I needed large top drawers flanking either side of the stove so that I could build out a beautiful spice drawer. I knew the look I wanted but I also didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars to create it. We just finished it last weekend and it turned out amazing and was under $100!

Step 1

Decide what style of jars you're going to use (I used these from Amazon), before ordering decide how wide your spice rack will be (it could influence how many jars you need). Ours was 21 1/2" wide and had 3 rows, it can hold a total of 30 jars.


Step 2

We went to our local hardware store and bought some thin pine boards (any wood species will work). We then cut 3 pieces down to 3 1/4" wide and another 3 to 1 1/4" wide. We then cut them a second time down to our length 21 1/2" (this number can vary depending on drawer width, number of jars, and desired size). At 21 1/2" ours fits 10 jars comfortably per row.

Cost: $45

Step 3

From there we made a zigzag pattern starting with a 1 1/4" piece then putting a wider 3 1/4" piece perpendicular

We did one row at a time, glueing it with wood glue and leaving it clamped for a couple of hours

Step 4

While drying I went to Staples and bought square printable labels that I knew would fit my jars (I used these ).


Step 4

I downloaded my label template from the website and found a cursive font I liked. I made a list of all of the spices we use regularly, typed them up, and printed them off

Step 5

Lastly place all of your labels on the jars, fill them with spices, and enjoy!

Total cost: $96

Happy organizing,



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