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Flip House Mock-Ups

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

I know I teased sharing our flip house moodboards about 3 months ago but instead I decided to create mock-ups of each space. Honestly I had never used Photoshop so creating these was a bit of a struggle, pardon that. 🤦‍♀️

With our #firstflippinhouse we’ve imagined it being a family home all along so we wanted to keep that in mind with the floor plan and design choices. It needed to be beautiful but in a warm, inviting, and functional way. With this house we’re going with high contrast black and white moments complimented with wood tones to warm it up. We want these three tones to be continually layered throughout the home. This provides cohesiveness while still allowing each room to be unique and make it’s own statement.

In the entry we want to do a black statement door with a wood slat detail behind it. We are also going to add some hooks for guests to hang their coats.

In the dining room we are building a banquette which allows for more usable seating in the smaller dining room. Instead of looking like a "pure-function" piece this banquette creates a statement with the black shiplap contrasting the white built-in.

In the kitchen our goal was to make a more inviting and open layout. We are moving the fridge, adding a peninsula with more storage, and are adding a pantry over the stairwell! The initial plan included two-toned cabinetry (white uppers and wood lower cabinets) however due to manufacturing delays and budget that has since changed and we are now doing all white cabinets. Even with the compromise we know the space will feel so much brighter and usable.

The living room is incredibly large for a home of this size. We wanted to create visual interest as it's the first space you see when you walk in. To do this we're incorporating the wood slats again but in a more prominent spot drawing the eye into the room.

The back entry is one of the spaces in this home that I'm most excited for. When we bought the home it was a walkthrough zone with no real purpose. We are transforming it into every family's dream drop zone with usable lockers and a private space to hide the every day mess away from company. I love the moody black for this small space.

That is the general plan for the space, which of course will continue to be tweaked as time and budget requires, but we're excited with the overall feel! Which space are you most excited to see? Let me know in the comments. 👇



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