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Our Green Kitchen Design

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

When thinking about building our #fornowhouse I based our entire design vision around the kitchen. It was the jumping off point and set the tone for our entire home.

Before building was even on our radar I had started mentally designing our next house in my head, in this imaginary house we had dark green cabinets. I replayed this vision time and time again in shock and fear. I’ve always been a safe colour person so I was surprised! I was scared I was chasing a trend or trying to be bold, but came to realize my style had simply changed.

After countless hours of looking at green paint colours and sampling all kinds of different greens we committed and sent our colour over to the cabinet maker. (Find out that colour and all other kitchen sources here.) Once the cabinet colour was finalized I designed every detail of our kitchen: choosing drawer sizes, cabinet configuration, appliance layout, and our large glass cabinetry.

With this being our first home designed by me I second guessed every decision along the way, thankfully once I saw it all installed I fell in love! Our kitchen is bold and calming, a statement piece and yet complimentary to the rest of our home. It was my absolute favourite space to design and I love looking at it every day.

What's your favourite part of our green kitchen?



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