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Siding Stage

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The finish line is in sight!

Over the past few weeks we (Daniel) have been pushing forward on our house. Inside we have it taped, the first coat of paint on, HVAC and plumbing done, and the subfloor ready for flooring. Outside the siding is complete.

Siding is one of those jobs that's more time consuming than you think. Knowing it would take a while we considered hiring it out, but after weighing out the budget and timeline we decided it made more sense for Daniel to do it. Thankfully he's a perfectionist who can figure out most things so we knew the quality would be there still.

For me (Stefanie) choosing the siding colour was the most difficult decision of our entire build. I wanted our outside to be as special as our inside felt. After much consideration I decided to go with classic white and to elevate the exterior with small details. We went with a black garage door to add the contrast to the white. We also added character with the wood above the door and our copper outside lights.

We still have to paint all of the exterior doors black, pour the driveway and sidewalk, and do landscaping BUT for now it's another job done and one step closer to move-in.

Stay tuned

-The Millers


Aug 20, 2023

Same here what size wood did you use & how did you attach it to the house?


Sep 05, 2022

Beautiful! What type of wood did you use & size of wood?

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