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How to Decorate a Small Living Space

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

My first home was an 1100 sq.ft. basement suite. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open concept kitchen, living, dining space. When designing a small space, especially when it's all connected, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here's how to decorate a small living space.

Size Matters 😉

Think about the Rose' family portrait "fitting" into their tiny hotel room in Schitt's creek-it just didn't work. Similarly when you're placing furniture and art in a smaller space you want it to feel proportional to the space. Think smaller lamps, chairs, and frames.

Create Space 👨‍🚀

The biggest worry about small spaces is when they feel small and cramped. A great way to avoid this is to buy some furniture that the eye can see right through (think ghost chairs or a glass coffee table).

Less is More

It is cliche but cliche's exist for a reason. You want your home to function well and I believe simplicity is the way to accomplish that. Create your interesting moments but then consider leaving empty space on the walls, floor, and counters.

Have fun! Home design is supposed to be fun. Whether your home is large, small, or somewhere in between create a space that you love, one that fills you with joy every time you walk in!

Happy Decorating,

-The Miller's


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