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Journey to Querencia

I’ve started so many blogs and social media accounts that I’ve lost count. With every one I always had the same goal of sharing a piece of myself and connecting with others. The trouble was that each account was focussed on slightly different parts of myself: home design and styling, sharing my words, creating art, telling my life story, a business page, fashion etc. I would enjoy one account for a while but then I would stop posting because it felt inauthentic only sharing one facet of myself so I’d start all over and end up in the exact same spot.

As social media grew I struggled to find my “niche” that everyone kept telling me I needed. I wasn’t a writer with a book to promote but I loved sharing a perfectly constructed piece of words from my heart. Something that made people think, or not feel so alone. I wasn’t a designer creating Instagram worthy homes but I enjoyed sharing little corners of my house and how people could do the same in their own space. I wasn’t an influencer sharing the latest trends but I loved being able to answer when people asked where I got something or how I made it.

I wanted a place I could belong. A place that I, and others, could connect to our physical spaces, ourselves, and each other. After searching for that place and not finding it I decided to create it.

Welcome to creating querencia. Querencia is a beautiful Spanish word that describes the place where one draws their strength from. It is the place they can be their most authentic self, and feel at home.

This is how I am creating querencia at home, in my heart, and with other humans. I hope you join me on this journey and create your own querencia.



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