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Tile Stage

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

So close yet so far away. Our move in date has changed about 5 times now and to be honest it's mostly my fault. I keep deciding what day we should move in without actually going through the timeline and scope of work remaining...oops. That being said with tile done we're just a couple of weeks away from move in.

When designing our house I wanted the kitchen to be very simple and understated so instead of any tile work we chose to curb the counter and add a slab behind the stove. In the bathrooms I wanted tiled showers and a tile floor in the ensuite. Because our home is a mid-range home it was a constant struggle between charming details and unnecessary expenses.

For our main bath I spent HOURS upon hours online and in person looking at different tile colours and patterns. Had this been our forever house I would have gone for our more textured tile however again with cost being a major factor we went with an elongated subway tile. To add some visual appeal we went with a fully stacked vertical pattern. The white tile with white grout is simple while the stack adds that custom detail we wanted.

In our bathroom I wanted to bring in elements we had used in other parts of the home so we went with a concrete-esque floor tile and then the white on white in the oversized tile shower. For our shower it was a balance of detail and simplicity yet again. On either end wall we did the same vertical stack as the main bath but on the main wall we did a herringbone pattern. The herringbone combined with the quartz ledge that matches both the kitchen and bathroom countertops felt like the perfect way to tie it all together.

We are exhausted but loving seeing all of the details that have been in our minds for months finally starting to come together!

-The Miller's


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