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Our First Flip House

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Last spring (in the midst of the pandemic) Daniel and I felt unsettled. Just like everyone else we were tired of the lockdown but there was more than that; Daniel’s work wasn’t going how he hoped, our house wasn’t feeling like our style anymore, I was craving a project, etc, etc.. We sat down and had some long talks about where we were at currently and the direction we wanted to go. Through these discussions we both realized that we would like to speed up our 5-year plan and see if we could make it a 3-year plan (we were on year 2 haha). Although it seemed lofty we figured out some sacrifices we could make and a strict savings plan that we hoped would work so we could make it happen.

So what was our 5 year plan turned 3?

1. Create a company that we were joint owners of – completed January 2021. Hello Miller Design Company!

2. Build a new house for us that is custom and showcases our design aesthetic-completed in May 2021!

3. Sell our #littlehouseofbigdreams and use the equity in it to buy a reno house- completed…NOW

That’s right, we bought a flip house! We didn’t tell anyone but we had started loosely looking last summer/fall. After looking at a few houses we put it on hold knowing we’d be busy with our new home build all winter. This spring we picked up where we left off viewing about 5 properties before we found our house. The home was built in the 1960’s but has a tonne of potential. It’s on a large lot with mature trees, has 3 bedrooms and a large basement, and had many big-ticket upgrades already done ( shingles, hot water tank, and some windows).

Putting so much of our hard-earned money into a home that we are demolishing is a little terrifying but also exciting! It’s been so fun to work as a team with Daniel and imagine what this home could be for someone else.

We are so excited to take you all along on this journey of our #firstflippinhouse

-The Miller's


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