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Home Staging

Here at Miller Design Company we believe in the power of home. Of a carefully curated space that shares your story, renews your spirit, and is the backdrop to your life.

What we do


Home Staging

A home is more than an investment, for most people there is a strong personal attachment as well. The walls have been the backdrop of their lives, of who they were at a certain moment in time. This personal history is beautiful but can oftentimes add an extra challenge when selling. As homeowners most of us view our homes through a lens of love and memories, this can hurt us when we assume everyone else will do and feel the same. 

At Miller Design Company we have years of experiencing  staging homes in Grande Prairie. We bring an objective view into your home, looking at it through the eyes of a prospective buyer. We use design to invoke positive feelings, create a welcoming atmosphere, and hopefully (if we do our job right), create a space that people will fall in love with. With pricing for both vacant and occupied homes we've got you covered.

Home Staging
Pre-Staging New Build
Staged Home



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Design Consultation

Our design consultation is included with home staging however it is a service in itself as well. If you are looking to sell or begin renovations and would like a second opinion that's where we come along.


If you're looking to sell we do a full home walkthrough evaluating each space, from there we compile a list of tips to present your home in the most favourable light when trying to sell in Grande Prairie. If you want us to execute the plan we're happy to do-so in either our home staging package or full design service depending on the scope of work.

If you're looking to do renovations in Grande Prairie and area we are available to come into your home and talk through your ideas with you, offering some advice along the way. If after initial consultation it feels like more than you want to take on we're happy to offer e-design or full design services for your project.



If you could use a little bit more help than our design consultation offers we provide single room e-design services which include a design consultation via video or photos, customized design, product sources, and a mood-board. The e-design service is perfect for the DIYers or a self-contractor.  


Full Design Services

If you're looking for more hands-on help we have limited slots available for full design services. In our complete design package we come alongside you and walk through the entire project, from start to finish, together. This includes; design consultation, choosing finishes, sourcing items, on-site visits, and assistance choosing contractors. 

Full Design
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