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Home Staging

A home is more than an investment, for most people there is a strong personal attachment as well. The walls have been the backdrop of their lives, of who they were at a certain moment in time. This personal history is beautiful but can oftentimes add an extra challenge to selling. As homeowners most of us view our homes through a lens of love and memories, and assume everyone else will do and feel the same. 

At Miller Design Company we bring an objective view into a home, looking at it through the eyes of a prospective buyer. We use design to invoke positive feelings, create a welcoming atmosphere, and hopefully (if we do our job right), create a space that people will fall in love with.  


Occupied Home Styling

Includes styling of rooms using owner's existing furniture to increase the flow and appeal of the home. 

No furniture is included in this package. Small items may be purchased from the home and will incur a rental fee accordingly.


Vacant Home Staging

Includes full staging of kitchen, dining room, living room, primary bedroom, and 2 bathrooms. 

Packages include 4-week furniture rental, planning, set-up, delivery and pick-up.


Home Design

Sometimes a home requires more than furniture and styling. For those bigger projects requiring some major updates we will create a cost effective design plan in order to update the home, adding value, without breaking the bank

Package includes​ design plan, sourcing items, contractor recommendations, and final furnishing placement suggestions.


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