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3 Easy Winter Tablescape Ideas

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

This year I wasn't quite ready for Christmas decorating BUT I still wanted a change of decor. I wanted to add some of the winter greenery and coziness inside. I realized that nobody said winter decorating wasn't allowed so I created some fun and simple winter tablescapes. I created 3 different variations that all felt winter/Christmas inspired.

If you're wanting to create your own winter or Christmas Tablescape check out my easy tips below!

1. Start with a theme

My 3 themes were: rustic-inspired, candlelit simplicity, and monochromatic.

2. Create a Place Setting

When building a place setting consider your theme and how you want your guest to feel. I created multiple settings for each theme to show how you can mix and match.


-With the rustic theme I wanted touches of rough elements contrasted with softer details.

Additional elements to add could be pinecones, a piece of burlap, or a tree trunk charger

Candlelit Simplicity:

-With the candlelit tablescape my goal was simple elegance. Alternative ideas would be a tea-light candle in the plate, different napkin folds, name cards, or a tablecloth.


-With one color tone it can easily feel uninteresting which is why it's important to draw the eye certain places. You can use tablecloths, plates, napkins, placemats, and yarn to create your unique place setting.

3. Build a central focal point

I gathered up florals, candles, cutting boards, pedestals, and greenery to build mine. With each one I focused on layers, varying height, and touches of greenery.

Depending on your theme there are so many options


-consider using antlers, wood beads, pinecones, antiques, and pine garland.

-try to counteract the roughness with softer elements and lines (candles, smooth glass, etc)


- you can use as many candles as you like, including various tones and styles

-consider using a candelabra to add height rather than greenery

- I wanted a soft glow at night which is why I limited the number used, but it's all about the vibe you want


-build out your centrepiece with whatever elements you have in that tone. For a more Christmas focussed centerpiece you could use christmas ornaments and garland in that color. You could also use books, candles, bowls, or vases.

-the key is to not be too matchy-matchy

I had so much fun playing with different elements and letting my creative juices flow. Hopefully you feel inspired to create something beautiful to; because home and gathering together is beautiful and worth celebrating!

Happy decorating,



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