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Goodbye For Now House

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

How has it been a whole year since we moved into our #fornowhouse? It simultaneously feels like just yesterday and also years (cue nostalgia).

Around February or March Daniel and I discovered that we both had an unsettled feeling living here, no matter how hard we tried it just didn't feel like our home. As we chatted we realized that in the almost 7 years we've been married we've always had a project on the go. It all began with our RV reno in winter of 2015. After that we started saving for our #littlehouseofbigdreams. Once we moved in there we built a big garage, landscaped the yard, and finished the basement. Then when we sold it in 2020 we started building our 'for now house' while simultaneously updating our rental property. In spring 2021 we finished our new build then a month later began work on the #firstflippinhouse which we just finished in April. If you're exhausted just reading that, same! We've been stuck in a never-ending project loop for years!

The trouble wasn't just all the projects we had completed but also the ones we were scheming up. As the 'for now house' name implies, our current house was never supposed to be a long term home (which explains why we were unsettled, in our minds we were already moving). Not only was it just a stop, it was supposed to be a short stop as we had planned to start building our next place this summer...and then we talked.

We talked about a simple life where we weren't maxed out financially, physically, and emotionally. We talked about what it would mean if we put all our "next" goals on hold for a while and just lived. We talked about making this place our home.

What followed was a wave of relief.

We felt free to just exist, to be here now...which is why we decided to change the name of our home. It is no longer the #fornowhouse and is officially our #herenowhouse. The place we are now, enjoying each moment while it's here.



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